AV Vallejo 73610 Surface Primer Parched Grass Late 60ml

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This range of primers consists of a series of neutral colours, black, grey and white, and includes the RAL and Federal Standard colours used most frequently on vehicles, aircraft, ships and figures. The primers have been developed first of all to be used as base coat and primer at once, while at the same time their chemical composition has been designed to bring forth the most minute details of the model,so that the work of painting, blending, filtering and applying a wash,in short, all detailing effects, are easier to accomplish. Product can be used directly or diluted with AV Thinner Ref. 161 or AV Flow Improver Ref. 362. The primer dries to a mat, self-levelling finish - drying time of this primer is very quick and a resistant coating is obtained 24 hours after the application. All colours show great resistance to handling, and are ideal for priming surfaces such as resin, plastic, brass or white metal. Airbrushes are cleaned easily with water; if a more thorough cleaning is indicated, we recommend our Airbrush Cleaner AV 71.099.


Pigments give you model / Diorama that textured and aged looked

AV Vallejo

Item number 73610

Surface Primer

Parched Grass Late


Surface Primers 

Primers for a tough and very resistant finish,formulated with acrylic polyurethane resin in a waterbased formula