AK Interactive 0077 Weathering set Heavy Muddy Set All in one set

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AK Interactive  Weathering set 

AK Interactive 

Weathering set 

Heavy Muddy Set All in one set

This set is complete with different products to employ mud effects on your models. We have designed a special color based on Russian landscapes most notably for the battle of Kursk. We have also created a color for wet earth. To give depth and volume to the mud, we have included a plaster kit so you don’t have to spend your time looking for one enabling you to start painting your model right out of the gate. We have also included the definitive product for doing effects of dampness, rain or standing water on the surface of your model. This product is very different from all the other products on the market and you will see that with your final results. This set is complete with a pigment based on dark earth, which you can mix with both the plaster and the wet effects product to produce some great additional effects.
This set contains:
_ AK-078 Damp Earth.
_ AK-079 Wet Effects Fluid.
_ AK-080 Summer Kursk Earth.
_ AK-081 Dark Earth.
_ Plaster.