AK Interactive 1167 Wargame Series German Camouflage

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AK Interactive

Paint set Wargame Series

German Camouflage

AK Interactive

1167 Paint set

Wargame Series German Camouflage

Selection of colors to paint camouflage schemes on Wargaming miniatures. This set was especially designed for German vehicles in camouflage. This set is the perfect complement to our AK-1552 German Dunkelgelb Wargaming paint set. As with all our other Wargaming Series color sets, these paints utilize the scale reduction effect (SRE). You can choose from our large line of weathering products for ultra realistic finishes.
This set contains:
-AK-1168 Rotbraun Base.
-AK-1169 Rotbraun Shadow.
-AK-1170 Rotbraun Light.
-AK-1171 Olivgrün Shadow.
-AK-1172 Olivgrün Base.
-AK-1173 Olivgrün Light.