Metal Colour is a new range of water-based metallic colours,especially designed for airbrushing. In the development of these new and innovative metallic colours, the latest generation of aluminium pigments has been used in a specifically designed formula which results in a series of colours of exceptional resistance and adherence to plastics and metal. Metal Colour can be applied directly on models without the need for the use of a primer, although in the case of fuselages and components for aero-plane models its is recommended to first apply a glossy Black Primer to bring forth the unique & special quality of the aluminium finish. The range of Metal Colour consists of 19 references, available in 32ml. bottles with a flip top/eyedropper closure.

How to Use:

Shake well before using. Pour the paint directly into the cup of the airbrush, either undiluted or previously diluted with Thinner 71.261. Colours can be mixed in the cup of the airbrush. Metal Colour dries almost instantly on the model and permits immediate application of aging processes such as the use of washes, pigments, and dry-brush techniques. It is however recommended to wait an hour or so of curing time before manipulating the fresh layer of paint. Metal Colour Gloss Black Primer 77.660: A water-based acrylic-polyurethane primer, which dries quickly to the touch, and confers a glossy, self levelling base coat of extraordinary resistance. The painting of the model can be continued almost immediately after applying the primer, although when using masking tape, it is recommended to allow the primer to cure for some 12 hours beginning the masking process. Gloss Varnish Metal Color 77.657: The varnish has been formulated especial airbrushing; it dries very fast and does not leave fingerprints (“no tack”). Gloss Varnish 77.657 can be applied directly or diluted with distilled water or Thinner 71.261. In some cases, a layer of varnish is enough but if more layers are required, an interval of 30 minutes is suggested between each coat. Once protected by the varnish, the colours resist the application of oils, glazes, and even pure turpentine and light washes with alcohol.

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