All your work

Come show off what you build

Not for sale just for fun

Revell 30 Ford weathered by Clive

Heller 30302 stug 1:16th scale by Pete Field

Built By Pete The new 1:16th scale Stug From Heller

A muddy Heller Fergi Tractor

Heller Grey Fergi Tractor with some AV Texture mud and some rust all on a bit of old pallet wood out of the wood burner basket



Arma Hobby Hurricane Mk 1 Expert set built By Peter Flint

Stunning build i can see from this why we sell so many of these Arma Hobby Kits

Dora Wings 1:144th scale Geebee By Sam Bawdon

Cheep as chips Dora Wings Scale model kit but in my book these look amazing

Heller 1:24th scale Ferguson 2680 Tractor By Lee


How to slam a Chevy Surberban




Nice Build by Joe Bray

Nice Build by Joe

Revell 41 Chevy By Christopher Finney

Stunning build

Stevie Steele Revell truck

Revell 1506 Peterbilt 359 Conventional Tractor



Kevin did a stunning job here in my eyes