Diorama, Buildings & accessores

Hobby Fan HF044 1:35th scale U.S. V.N. War Machine Gun Bunker Base (III) RESIN

Hobby Fan scale model kit

Hobby Fan HF049 1:35th scale U.S Vietnam War Hilltop Base

Hobby Fan Case Resin Base

Hobby Fan & AFV Club Package deal HF096 Wave Base + AFV Club 73513 Guppy II Class s

Hobby Fan Wave Base + AFV Club scale model kit

Airfix A75010 1:48th scale Resin Afghan Single Storey House

Airfix scale model kit

Miniart 35609 1:35th scale German Road Signs Ardennes Germany 1945 New for 2020

Miniart scale model kit

Miniart 36043 1:35th scale cobblestone section

Miniart scale model kit

Miniart 36044 1:35th scale River Embankment Section Dioramas Series

Miniart scale model kit

AK Interactive 8067 1:35th scale Camouflage Net Type 2 Regular Mimetic Net Green

AK Interactive

AK Interactive 8062 1:35th scale Camouflage Net Type 2 Regular Mimetic Net Brown

AK Interactive

AK Interactive 8060 Camouflage Net Type 1 Sand

AK interactive Camo Netting

Miniart 36013 1:35th scale Cross Roads Diorama Base

Miniart Scale model kit



MiniArt 35533 1:35th scale Church Ruin

Miniart scale model kit

Miniart 35537 1:35th scale Germany Pharmacy Ruin

New Miniart kit

Miniart 35522 1:35th Scale Pedestrian Bridge

New Miniart kit

Miniart 36028 1:35th scale Village diorama with fountain

New factory sealed Kit

MiniArt 35577 1:35th scale Vodka Bottles with Crates

New factory sealed Kit

MiniArt 36029 1:35th scale Village Street

MiniArt Scale Model kit

Miniart 35504 1:35th scale Lithuanian City Building

New Factory sealed kit

Miniart 35534 1:35th scale European Barn

Miniart Scale model kit

Miniart 36032 1:35th scale Diorama with Barn

Miniart sacle model kit

Hobbyboss 81737 1:48th Scale Hawk MK.200/208/209

Hobbyboss Scale model kit

Now Only

Heller 81201 1:650th scale Eiffel Tower Model kit

Stunning kit ...... maybe add your own King Kong?

Stands 18 1/2" tall once built

Heller 81250 1:35th scale Normandy Ruin Diorama


1:35th scale

Normandy Ruin Diorama

MiniArt 35019 1:35th French City Building



French City Building

Miniart 35292 1:35th scale German Rocket Launcher 28cm WK Spr & 32cm WK Flamm

New Miniart model kit