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Model Boat Ship and Submarine Kits

Plastic Scale Model kits

Scale plastic Model Boat and ship kits

Eastern Express SALE 40007 1:400th KILO Class Soviet Russian Diesel-Electric

New Eastern Express Scale model kit

Mikro Mir AMP MM350-039 - 1:350th scale SSN-683 Parche (Late Version)

Mikro Mir AMP scale model kit

Heller 49062 1:400th scale L'Occident Paddle steamer kit

Heller scale model kit

Trumpeter 06719 1:700th scale HMS TYPE 23 Frigate Kent(F78)

Trumpeter scale model kit

Trumpeter 06729 1:700th scale PLA Navy Type 055 Destroyer

Trumpeter scale model kit

Trumpeter 03711 1:200th scale Yorktown-class Aircraft carrier USS Yorktown CV-5

Trumpeter scale model kit


Trumpeter 05353 1:350th scale HMS Cornwall

Trumpeter scale model kit

Trumpeter 05595 1:35th scale Czech T-72M4CZ MBT

New Trumpeter Scale model kit

Trumpeter 05715 1:700th scale USS Blue Ridge LCC-19 1997

Trumpeter scale model kit

Trumpeter 05717 1:700th scale USS Blue Ridge LCC-19 2004

Trumpeter scale model kit

Trumpeter 05721 1:700th scale Russian Navy Slava Class Cruiser Varyag

Trumpeter scale model kit

Riich Models 20003 1:200th scale OS2U Kingfisher W/Launcher (2 kits)

New Riich Models Scale model kit

Mirage Hobby 840061 1:400th scale ORP Mazur wz.35 - Training ship, 1936

New Mirage Hobby Scale model kit

Mirage Hobby 508002 1:50th scale S/Y Opty Polish Sailing Yacht

New Mirage Hobby Scale model kit

Heller 85602 1:200th scale Tug Boats JEAN BART + UTRECHT Twinset

Heller scale model kit

CMK 72002 1:72nd scale U-Boat Type VII C Torpedo section

New CMK Scale after market model interior

Merit International 67203 1:72nd PLA Navy Type 21 Class Missile Boat OSA Class

Merit International  scale model kit

Heller 49058 1:750th scale Gift set Sailing ship Pamir

Heller scale model kit

CMK 72118 1:72nd scale U Boat VII Crew at rest part 1 Resin figures

CMK scale model kit

CMK Resin Kit MV 111 1:72nd scale Wheeled Fire Extinguisher PG 50 with Transport Container

CMK Scale Model kit

CMK Resin N72001 1:72nd U Boat VII C Command Section

CMK Resin Up Grade set

CMK (Czech Master Kits) 079 1:72nd scale Naval 102mm (4inch) Gun

CMK (Czech Master Kits) scale model kit

Mirage Hobby 40429 1:400th scale Royal Navy Submarine HMS Undine

New Mirage Hobby Scale model kit

Planet Models CMK 119 1:72nd scale resin kit Unimog FLU 419 SEE US Army

Planet Models Resin scale model kit

Revell 0318 1:530th scale USS Oriskany

Revell scale model kit