Hobbyboss 82462 1:35th scale German Land Wasser Schlepper II Upgraded

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Hobbyboss Scale model kit


Scale model kit

German Land-Wasser-Schlepper II-Upgraded

Hobbyboss Item number 82462

1:35th scale



One disadvantage of the LWS was the lack of armour, and armour was deemed necessary for any amphibious operations. The floating trailer was also thought to be too cumbersome and clumsy so a new scheme was devised. The overall structure of the LWS was kept, but the new vehicle had the track work and suspension of the ubiquitous PzKpfw IV to support a lightly armoured superstructure. Two new vehicles, called Panzerfaehre or PzF, were built and designed to take a large pontoon between them to transport a tank or other cargo. Interesting on this design are the cape stand winch in the middle of the deck and the fold down air intakes. The driver sits in the front down and below and just before the air intakes. Thus the PzF would act as a ferry rather than a tractor. However, the program was cancelled in 1942 after the two prototypes were built and tried. A pre-production of seven LWS II were built and they served on the Eastern front. After the war the LWS was taken by the British and to England for technical assessment.


Item No    82462

Item Name    German Land-Wasser-Schlepper II-Upgraded

Bar Code    6939319224620

Scale    1:35

Item Type    Static kit

Model Dimension    Length:239 mm   Width: 76.8mm

Total Plastic Parts    490+ PCS

Total Sprues    16 Sprues, upper hull and lower hull

Chromeplate Parts    n/a

Camouflage Scheme    German Land-Wasser-Schlepper II-Upgraded

Resin Parts    n/a

Metal Parts    n/a

Photo Etched Parts    n/a

Film Accessory    n/a

Released Date    2010-10

More Features -  Multi-directional slide moulded upper hull.

Multi-directional slide moulded lower hull

224 individual tracks links in light grey plastic