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Eduard 82122 1:48th scale Profipack issue Tempest Mk.V series 2 WWII

New Eduard scale model kit

Miniart 37039 1:35th scale BMR-1 Late Mod with KMT-7 mine roller

New Miniart scale model kit

Trumpeter 03702 1:200th scale German Battleship Bismarck 1940

New Trumpeter kit

Huge kit over 4 feet long

UK Sale only

Academy 13236 1:35th scale Flakpanzer IV Wirbelwind

New Academy kit

Revell 05232 1:160th scale Limited Edition Rheindampfer "Goethe" Paddle Steamer

New Revell scale model kit with paints glue and paint brush

Academy 13237 1:35th scale M2 Bradley U.S. Army Infantry Fighting Vehicle

New Academy scale model  kit

Heller 52994G 1:8th scale Yamaha TY125 model gift set

New Heller model motorcycle kit

Academy 12528 1:72nd scale B-29A Enola Gay or Bockscar C/W little boy & Fat Man

New Academy Model kit

Meng Model DS-003 1:72nd scale Convair F-102A (Case X)

New Meng Model scale model kit

Miniart 35238 1:35th scale Bergepanzer T-60 (r) With interior kit

New Miniart scale model kit

Trumpeter 05713 1:700th scale USSR Russian Navy Admiral Kuznetsov Aircraft

New Trumpeter scale model kit

Miniart 37019 1:35th scale T-54B Soviet Medium Tank (Early Prod)

New Miniart scale model kit

Academy 01453 1:350th scale German Pocket Battleship Bismarck

New Academy kit

Miniart 35527 1:35th scale House Ruin

New Miniart scale model kit

Heller 80214 1:72nd scale Curtiss 75 A3 P-36 Hawk/Hawk 75/Mohawk Musee Special Edition

New Heller model kit

Heller 80398 1:72nd scale Liore & Olivier 45 Musee Special Edition

New Heller Model kit

Heller 80313 1:72nd scale Potez 63-11 A3 Musee Special Edition

New Heller Model kit

Heller 79402 1:1 scale Oryctes Nasicornis Vintage sealed Kit

New Vintage Heller kit

Heller 52902G 1:600th Scale Gift Set Queen Mary 2

New Heller model Gift set kit, Paints, Glue & Paint Brush

Masterbox 3593 1:35th scale German Infantry, DAK WWII, North Africa Desert

New Masterbox model figure kit

Miniart 35184 1:35th scale US Tractor D7 with Angle Dozer blade

New Miniart model kit